Notícies del Newsletter July 2010

With the summer season in full swing, the destination’s services and facilities are fully operational as it welcomes visitors from Catalonia, the rest of Spain and abroad. This month the Patronat de Turisme has implemented promotional actions targeted at end customers and at the media that contribute to showcasing the tourism products and values of the destination. The Airport Tourism Office is now fully operational and the number of enquiries made there is increasing steadily. Furthermore, on the occasion of the Centenary of the Costa Brava, the first tourism guide to the Costa Brava in Braille has been produced and the distinguishing features of our coastline are being highlighted through the placement of twenty-four iron picture frames in well-known beauty spots of the area. Meanwhile, the gastronomic excellence of the destination continues to be promoted through the Costa Brava-San Miguel Gastronomic Tour. 

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