Notícies del Newsletter March 2020

March started off with the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board going about its normal activity in accordance with its 2020 Action and Objective Plan. However, as of 13th March, due to the situation caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the entity had to take a series of organisational and reprogramming measures in line with the state of alarm declared by the Spanish government. In these highly complex and uncertain times for tourist destinations and companies because of the COVID-19 health crisis, both the governing bodies and technical staff at the Girona Provincial Council’s Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board continue to work on the strategy for repositioning the Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees destinations from different angles. This strategy is aimed primarily at the local markets and, among other measures, is based on internal marketing actions for the member companies and entities of the marketing clubs, on reprogramming promotional and commercial actions, on launching specific digital marketing campaigns and new advertising and communications campaigns, in addition to organising remote learning training courses so as to continue stimulating competitiveness within the sector. Once again, the province of Girona’s tourist industry is faced with a global challenge which we hope to overcome as soon as possible, confident in the knowledge that we will come out of it with renewed strength as a sector and as a destination. The province’s strategic position, the maturity of its tourism model, the competitiveness of the companies and the quality of the products and services in the Costa Brava & Girona Pyrenees destinations will enable us to come to terms with the difficulties and move forward, bringing progress to society, the economy and the country.

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