Notícies del Newsletter April 2020

In response to the plight of the tourist sector as a consequence of COVID‑19, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board has set up a website aimed at helping professionals to keep abreast of developments in tourist activity in Catalonia, through information supplied by the Catalan Tourist Board, in addition to providing information regarding online training workshops and courses and the measures and regulations to be introduced for the tourist season when the sector returns to action. The website contains links to relevant official bodies’ websites and is regularly updated to keep pace with developments in the state of affairs. In April, despite the current context that has brought the tourist industry to a standstill, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board carried out several actions, including the launch of a new programme of online professional training, a survey to take stock of the effect of the crisis on the Girona tourist sector, executive committee meetings of the entity’s nine product marketing clubs and the tendering of special advertising campaigns aimed at the domestic and French markets.

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