Notícia del Newsletter October 2010

Internet, communication and tourism conference and workshops

160 professionals from the tourism sector, public administration bodies and Catalan companies attended to the technical conference of communication and tourism organized by the Patronat de Turisme.

On 28th October, the Patronat de Turisme held the seventh technical conference, entitled “Web 2.0 and social networks, keys to today’s tourism business” at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Girona. The event was targeted at professionals from the tourism sector, public administration bodies and Catalan companies.

The aim of this conference was to equip professionals with tools and strategies for making the very most of the possibilities made available to tourism businesspeople and organisations today by Web 2.0 and social media in terms of transmitting information and communicating with customers and professional contacts.

Tourism and Web 2.0 experts provided an analysis of advances in social communication with the goal of adapting business models and company management strategies. It was also an excellent opportunity for networking and making contact with key individuals in this area with whom to work on a daily basis in the virtual environment.

Following the opening remarks by Enric Vilert, President of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, expert-led dynamic sessions and roundtable discussions dealt with themes including what Web 2.0 means, specific actions for a tourism location, how to attract new visitors to a website and turn them into customers, and the application of social media in the tourism sector. The conference got an assistance of 160 people.

The conference will be followed up with four practical and specific workshops. The first workshop, scheduled for 2nd November 2010, will focus on “website monitoring and analysis” and will be led by Javi Sánchez, SEO & PPC Account Manager of Overalia. It will deal with basic and applied knowledge derived from working with Google Analytics and Adwords. The second workshop, scheduled for 9th November, is entitled “Web 2.0 applied to rural tourism” and will be led by Montse Peñarroya, General Manager of GEA Internet Project Consulting. The workshop will explain how to perform a benchmark test to gauge the competition, how to design company strategy, which tools can be used with very low or zero investment, and how to monitor results. The third and fourth workshops, scheduled for 16th and 22nd November, are entitled “Online Reputation Management (ORM)” and will focus on the opinions and comments of hotel accommodation customers.
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