Notícia del Newsletter August 2019

Tourism occupancy data

Growth in tourism occupancy of 2.01% in Girona Province during the first half of the year.

According to data obtained through the Tourism Data System platform for managing information on local tourist accommodation, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board of Girona Provincial Council recorded a 2.01% increase in the number of tourist stays in Girona Province over the first six months of the year and a total of 9,730,851 overnight stays. Specifically, the Costa Brava saw a growth of 1.8%, with a total number of 8,686,685 stays, while in the Girona Pyrenees there were 1,044,166 stays, which represents an increase of 3.27% on 2018 figures.

On the Costa Brava in the months of January and February a tourism occupancy level of nearly 200,000 overnight stays was recorded, indicating a growth trend that was confirmed by 1,558,013 recorded stays in the second week of June. Travellers to the Costa Brava have the following profile: they come from the destination’s main source markets and mainly tourists from Catalonia and from elsewhere in Spain (4,137,170 stays), followed by tourists from France (1,760,600 stays) and from the Benelux countries (837,466 stays).

In the Girona Pyrenees, meanwhile, stable tourism occupancy levels were maintained throughout the first half of the year, with peaks of 97,917 stays in the winter and of 114,592 stays in Easter week. The main tourist profile in the Girona Pyrenees during the first half of the year was as follows: tourists from Catalonia and from elsewhere in Spain accounted for 93% of overnight stays, followed by tourists from France, from the Benelux countries and from the United Kingdom.

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