Notícia del Newsletter Novembre 2012

Tourism 360º Workshops

Three training workshops focusing on social networks and product creation are attended by 99 participants.

Following the professional training day held on 23rd October, the Patronat de Turisme has scheduled a cycle of five specific training workshops entitled 360º Tourism, aimed at fostering the continuous training of professionals in the tourism sector and boosting their competitiveness.

The first workshop, which took place on 30th October, focused on cloud computing and was led by Tirso Maldonado (Evangelist manager of the social learning platform The workshop was attended by 28 participants including tourist accommodation professionals, real estate agents, members of tourism associations and local/county council technicians. The workshop showed how cloud computing can help improve the efficiency and productivity of companies as well as fostering a collaborative work model through tools and applications for the management of customers and campaigns, without having to invest in servers, networks or programming but ensuring security and data protection.

This event was followed up on 15th November by another workshop entitled Product Creation, led by David Mora (manager of the tourism division of CEGOS). The event was attended by 31 professionals from the tourism sector: technicians from local and county councils, accommodation companies, activity companies, real estate agencies, consortiums and associations.

The workshop addressed product creation through tourism marketing, creativity and experiences, on the basis that many travellers nowadays are keen to experience something different and memorable that they can recount and share with their friends and relatives. As such, a significant part of the workshop was devoted to group work and designing products that encapsulated the authenticity and unique nature of the destination.

The workshop Twitter for sales, marketing and communication teams was also held on 15th November and led by Víctor Puig. This event was attended by 40 professionals from the tourism sector: representatives of hotels, campsites, rural accommodation and apartments, technicians from local/county councils, tourism offices and communication companies.

The workshop offered a comprehensive look at the possibilities offered by Twitter as a means of communication in terms of searching for contacts and managing lists, as well as examining the basic and advanced tools (profile evaluation, monitoring, statistics and strategies) that are employed with the goal of enriching the relationship of a tourism business or project with its followers and customers.

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Tuesday, 11th December: Instagram – Julio Estrela and Marc Teixidor

Tuesday, 18th December: Relational marketing: Use of social media and how to calculate the return – Johana Cavalcanti

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