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The Intermón Oxfam Trailwalker event

A sporting, social and charity event with 2,000 participants will be taking place along Girona's greenways.

The Intermón Oxfam Trailwalker, a world-renowned sporting, social and charity event will be taking place along Girona’s greenways in May 2012. The Trailwalker event presents a two-fold challenge: to cover 100 kilometres in 32 hours in teams of 4 and to obtain donations to help improve the lives of thousands of people who live in poverty.

Girona Provincial Council, through its Sports Cooperation area, the Greenways Consortium of the counties of Girona and the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona are supporting this charity walk for the first time with the goal of hosting it on an annual basis.

Intermón Oxfam has chosen the greenways of the counties of Girona, which link the Pirineu de Girona to the Costa Brava, and the cities of Olot and Sant Feliu de Guíxols, passing through the 19 towns in the Girona area situated along the former narrow gauge railway route, as the ideal route for holding an event of this scale, which at the same time will contribute to raising the profile of the area and to associating the Costa Brava tourism brand with the values of sport and charity.

An intense and unique experience is in store for Trailwalker participants and those who come to watch and support it as they enjoy and discover the architectural heritage of the Girona area, while respecting nature at all times.

The presentation of the event took place on Thursday 20th October at the facilities of Girona Provincial Council, presided over by Jaume Torramadé, President of Girona Provincial Council and of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, Ivan Tibau, Secretary General for Sport of the Catalan Government, and Francesc Mateu, Director of Intermón Oxfam in Catalonia and Andorra.

Intermon Oxfam Trailwalker website 

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