News From Newsletter 1 - april 2.009

The Centenary Menu now available in restaurants

The gastronomic promotional campaign of the Centenary of the Costa Brava has got underway in 65 Costa Brava restaurants that are offering the Centenary Menu.

The gastronomic campaign is based on the definition of the dishes that exemplify the unique nature of cuisine on the Costa Brava and in its towns, avoiding the more general dishes that can be found in other Spanish coastal destinations. The selection of dishes that form part of the Costa Brava Menu has been made by the chefs Ferran Adrià, Jaume Subirós and Joan Roca, with the collaboration of Oriol Blanes, head chef of the Aula Gastronòmica de l’Empordà and the journalist Salvador Garcia-Arbós.

The Costa Brava Menu serves as the leitmotiv of the advertising campaign and forms the basis of the Centenary Menu. The purpose of the Costa Brava Menu and the Centenary Menu, together with the production of the Centenary Wines, is for the associated restaurants to promote the quality and gastronomic wealth of the destination.

The eateries offering the Centenary Menu design their own personal menus on the basis of the dishes listed in the Costa Brava Menu, which are prepared and offered in the personal style of each chef. The length of the Menu varies in each restaurant given that chefs can include whichever dishes they wish from the Costa Brava Menu in order to design the menu that best suits their cuisine. The associated restaurants of the gastronomic campaign can be recognised by the Centenary Menu logo on display.

These menus will be available in restaurants from 10th April to 12th September 2009 although they reserve the right to extend this period if they so wish.

The Patronat feels that it is very important for the gastronomy of our country that the Costa Brava Menu dishes remain available in restaurants for a long time after the Centenary celebrations.

Furthermore, the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava is publishing the Menu of Costa Brava Dishes, as well as updating and republishing the Gastronomic Guide of the Counties of Girona, with the aim of promoting the gastronomic excellence of the area. Both publications can be ordered from the Patronat de Turisme.

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