News From Newsletter 22 - May 2.009

The Catalan market responds at the 2009 SITC

The Patronat ends April satisfied with the results obtained from Girona’s participation and the response of the Catalan market at the 2009 SITC.

From 16th to 19th April, the 2009 International Tourism Show of Catalonia in Barcelona took place, drawing 194,000 visitors and 1,300 exhibitors from 62 countries. 20 Girona organisations and companies participated in the Costa Brava Pirineu de Girona stand, which included a new space devoted to the Centenary of the Costa Brava. Information was handed out at the stand and advice was given to fair visitors who approached the stand with an interest in planning stays in the area. The requests received by the Girona professionals present at the fair focused on outdoor activities (hiking and cycling routes), the activities schedule, rural accommodation and gastronomic campaigns, amongst others.

The stand proved popular with fair visitors and professionals from the sector. Furthermore, in the 2009 fair, the Costa Brava – Pirineu de Girona space, which brought together the overall Girona tourism offer, obtained two awards for the design and image of the stand in terms of reflecting the quality and diversity of the products and services of Girona destinations, and the professionalism of the fair exhibitors.

As such, in the context of the current European economic crisis, the immediate market (including visitors from Catalonia itself, from several Autonomous Communities in Spain and from Southern France) is one of the target markets for Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations.

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