News From Newsletter May 2014

Support for Lloret de Mar’s new campaign aimed at the Catalan market

Lloret de Mar’s new publicity campaign is based on the experiences of real people, whose perceptions of the resort it hopes to change

Lloret de Mar

Xavi, Cristina and Olga made negative comments about Lloret de Mar on social networks. Lloret Turisme contacted them and invited them for a day out, tailoring the experience to the interests of each visitor.

As a result, Xavi, Cristina and Olga discovered a new side to Lloret de Mar and have changed their views of the destination. Their experiences are the central theme of this year’s campaign to promote Lloret de Mar to the Catalan market.

The campaign’s slogan, “Vine. Viu-lo. Comparteix Lloret” (Visit, Experience and Share Lloret), highlights how important it is for Catalans to see Lloret for themselves, enjoy the experiences on offer there, and, in particular, to share their new perceptions via social networks, using the hashtag #viulloret.

The video can be viewed at:

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