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Promotional event in Rome

60 journalists and 40 Italian travel agents attend the presentation "Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona" in Rome, coinciding with the Salvador Dalí exhibition at the Museum of the Risorgimento.

On 20th May, the Patronat de Turisme, in conjunction with the Catalan Tourism Agency, Turespaña and the Gala – Salvador Dalí Foundation, held a promotional and communication event in Rome for 60 journalists and 40 travel agents from 23 wholesale, retail and MICE travel agencies.

Coinciding with the Salvador Dalí exhibition held in Rome’s Museum of the Risorgimento from 9th March to 1st July, the Patronat de Turisme invited journalists from media outlets including La Repubblica, Viaggio, L’Agenzia di Viaggi, PleinAir, National Geographic, Marco Polo, I Viaggi del Sole or Trend, along with travel agents from wholesale agencies such as Tourama Travel, Dreamland King Holidays, European Events, iDea Congress, Primatour and Spagnamania, to a presentation of both the "Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona" destination and of the exhibition itself. The exhibition organisers scheduled exclusive guided tours of the exhibition for the event’s 120 guests, followed by a cocktail party on the museum’s terrace. The event concluded with a gastronomic tasting to showcase the destination’s local cuisine, at which guests were offered DO Empordà wines and dishes of traditional Catalan cuisine prepared by Isaac Gelabert, chef of the Empordà Gastronomic School.

The Patronat de Turisme sees Salvador Dalí as one of Catalan culture’s most iconic figures, which is why it has made him the first great ambassador of the destination (the other ambassadors currently on the list being Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca), understanding that such a high-profile figure in the world of art benefits the Costa Brava brand. Meanwhile, the Gala – Salvador Dalí Foundation believes that the Dalí – Costa Brava association generates synergies that benefit their common interests.

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