Notícia del Newsletter October 2019

Promotion on the Norwegian market

Norwegian travel agents take an interest in the Costa Brava’s tourism options.

On October 23rd, the Costa Brava-Pyrenees Workshop took place in Oslo, Norway. The aim was to promote and market tourism in the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees in this country, as well as to publicise the specific high-end products for business and events tourism in the province of Girona among Norwegian travel agents.

The promotional event brought together 15 entities and companies from Girona and 35 Norwegian travel agents and tour operators, including Caravelle Tour, Travel Maker, Merlot Reiser, Escape Travel, Carpe Diem, Benns, Amex GBT, Matchday Sports and

The professional meeting consisted of a workshop, followed by a gourmet food tasting session of Catalan appetizers, washed down with DO Empordà wines, in order to encourage interaction between suppliers and travel programmers and salespersons. There was also a specific presentation of wine tourism in the Costa Brava through the DO Empordà Wine Route. Jordi Masquef, the deputy vice president of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board, took part in the professional meeting.

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