Notícia del Newsletter September 2013

Press trips

55 journalists visit the destination on 15 press trips

With the high season over, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board, supported by local tourism companies and organisations, and with the occasional collaboration of the Catalan Tourism Agency and Turespaña, once again stepped up its press trip activity with the organisation of 15 trips to destinations in the area that focused on specific themes such as gastronomy, golf, health and beauty, culture, and nature and active tourism.

The visiting journalists, producers, writers and influencers came from a wide variety of countries (UK, Germany, Holland, Italy, Russia, the USA, China and India) and represented a long list of media outlets, such as Condé Nast Traveler, TravelAge West, Wine Country Magazine, Camping Revue, Sonntag Aktuell, Camp 24 Magazine, Caravaning, Voyage Magazine, Rutas del Mundo, Vanitatis, Woman, Actualidad Gastronómica and Time City Magazine.

A series of factors were taken into account in the design of the 15 press trips: the profile of the journalists, the editorial line of the media outlet, the reason for visiting the destination and the Tourist Board’s interest in promoting the products, services and activities of the Girona destinations according to the corresponding tourist market and customer segment.

Additional promotional initiatives aimed at the media will take place in the final quarter of the year with the goal of promoting and raising the profile of the Girona destinations in outbound tourism markets.

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