Notícia del Newsletter June 2014

Press tours and familiarisation trips

Six press tours and three familiarisation trips reveal the destination to journalists and travel agents of seven countries.

In June, six press tours were organised and took place in order to allow a score of journalists from Madrid, the Netherlands, Germany, UK, Italy, China and USA to get to know the area.

Following the idea of separating promotional activities according to product and market, a group of German, British and Dutch journalists were brought on a Costa Brava golf tour; a freelance American journalist had been employed by the magazine inflight of the company Delta to write a report on hiking and the coastal patrol paths. Elsewhere, two English journalists and one from Italy had a tour of Estartit’s underwater imagery festival, MIMA; meanwhile, four Spanish journalists specialising in health and beauty visited the province to find out more on the new theme treatment Gerunda Fuga.

Regarding the three familiarisation trips, the highlight was the one carried out for a group of Italian travel agents specialising in the religious and cultural offerings of the area.

All the organised promotional tours received the support and assistance of the tourist boards of the Girona counties, the members of the various product marketing clubs of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and the numerous companies and professionals of the area’s tourism sector.

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