Notícia del Newsletter January 2011

Portal figures

The number of visits to the official portal of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona in 2010 has increased by 18.72%.

The Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona tourism portal received more than 1,454,612 visits in 2010, 18.72% up on the previous year. These visits mostly come from Spain, followed by France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Germany.

In respect of website traffic sources for 2010, 60.18% comes from search engines, followed by 28.33% from searches made through reference websites and 11.18% from direct traffic, in other words, visitors who have entered the link directly in the browser, which represents an increase of 29.42% against the same period in 2009.

This data highlights the growing functionality of the portal and the adaptation of the website to new holiday booking trends in the market. The modernisation, boosting and implementation of new services and an improvement in the look of the official tourism portal of the Costa Brava and the Pirineu de Girona has got under way now that the Patronat has taken over control of the website and analysed current trends regarding information and service acquisition in the tourism market. The website must be interesting and relevant to meet users’ needs.

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