News From Newsletter December 2011

New Active & Nature Tourism Club

The Costa Brava Nautical Tourism Club, OciGirona and the Greenways Consortium, pillars of the new club.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona has initiated the setting up of the Active & Nature Tourism Club, for the promotion and development of the counties of Girona, with the aim of structuring, promoting and facilitating the marketing of the tourism products offered by activity companies on the Costa Brava and in the Pirineu de Girona.

The presentation of the Active & Nature Tourism Club, which took place on 19th December at the Josep Irla Auditorium of the Government of Catalonia, in Girona, was attended by one hundred representatives of the area’s public and private tourism sector and the media.

This club aims to use a segmented approach to target the main outbound tourism markets, jointly promoting the area’s natural resources, the activities on offer and the companies that offer them in order to meet the demands of tourists interested in the destination, nature and sport.

The new club will bring together tourism companies from the area involved in nautical activities (sports harbours, nautical multi-activity, sailing, diving), hiking, cycle touring and MTB, multi-activity and adventure sports, and ski resorts, along with companies offering snow-related activities, accommodation companies with active tourism clientèle, companies that market activities and activity packages including accommodation, tourism towns, county councils, natural parks and protected areas. Furthermore, the Costa Brava Nautical Tourism Club will form part of the newly created club, along with the OciGirona companies and the Greenways Consortium, with the goal of adding value to the tourism offer through the endorsement of a mature destination brand.

The Patronat de Turisme defines the procedures for joining the club through a formal agreement, defining criteria for the provision or reception of services by members. The club will have an assembly of members (made up of all the members) and will operate on the basis of sector-related working tables that will set forth guidelines and actions to be implemented over the course of the year. As regards funding, members will make annual contributions to fund the club.

On the Costa Brava leisure and nature go hand-in-hand, endorsing the values of respect for the environment, responsibility and tourism sustainability. Nature and active tourism activities are a powerful economic and tourism engine in the Girona area. They are also recognised in the tourism sector as an add-on component in the development of tourism and even constitute the main reason for a trip on many occasions.

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