News From Newsletter 1 - april 2.009

International advertising campaign, "Smile, you are on the Costa Brava"

The entire Girona tourism sector is involved in this international advertising campaign for the Costa Brava costing 600,000 euros, of which 70% is provided by Turespaña and 30% by the Girona tourism sector.

On 1st April the advertising campaign Smile, you are on the Costa Brava was presented to professionals from the tourism sector and the media at the Fontana d’Or venue in Girona. The event was organised by the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona and presented by Enric Vilert, President of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, Antonio Bernabé, General Director of Turespaña, and Marta Segura, Manager of the TSC integrated communication agency, the company commissioned to carry out the graphic design of the campaign.

The event was attended by representatives of all the bodies and organisations of the Girona tourism sector that are taking part in the campaign: Federation of Hotels and Restaurants of the Counties of Girona, Girona Chamber of Commerce, Palamós Chamber of Commerce, Sant Feliu de Guíxols Chamber of Commerce, Apartments Association, Association of Campsites and Holiday Villages, Girona Rural Tourism, Costa Brava Girona Golf Courses Association, L’Estartit-Illes Medes Nautical Resort Association, Badia de Palamós and Calonge-Sant Antoni Nautical Resort Association, Costa Brava Association of Diving Centres, Catalan Association of Maritime Activities, Catalan Association of Sports and Tourism Ports, Catalan Federation of Musical Leisure Activity Associations, Water Parks of the Costa Brava and the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona.

The aim of the campaign is to reposition the Costa Brava with a modern, updated and high quality image, promoting the unique and outstanding offer available on the Costa Brava in addition to that of sun and sand. The advertisements are designed to create identification between the target public and the image transmitted by the destination.

The campaign is scheduled to run from April to June 2009 in the main tourism issuing markets for the Costa Brava destination: France, Germany, Great Britain and the Benelux countries.

The media and contracting plan is managed by Turespaña. Advertisements are scheduled to appear in the national and regional general press, in specialised tourism and travel publications, in the online press and also in external media in the case of Germany.

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