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Girona Terra Memorial

The text that won the Yvette Barbaza 2016 Research Award is published. It is a study of the memorial sites in the province of Girona.

Girona Terra Memorial. Espais de memòria i turisme a les comarques gironines (Girona, Land of Memorials. Memorial sites and tourism in the province of Girona) is the result of the Yvette Barbaza Award for Tourist Research in 2016, an award organised by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board. The publication identifies, classifies, ranks and evaluates the memorial heritage to be found in the province of Girona, so as to position it as a leading element within the cultural tourism sector of the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees destinations.

About thirty sites make up the network of memorial sites in the province of Girona, headed by the MUME (Exile Memorial Museum). The inventory includes transit points, farmhouses, castles, municipalities, mountain refuges, bunkers, airfields, cemeteries and schools, mainly in the border area.

The publication makes various proposals for improvement, such as reactivating the Democratic Memorial, making a narrative to tell tourists, creating a brand, with documentary and promotional material, improving the positioning and integral management of memorial tourism.

Click here to see the publication: Girona Terra Memorial

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