Girona ski resorts campaign

Fricandó Matiner, the morning show on the RAC105 radio station, encourages its listeners to go and ski in three Pirineu de Girona ski resorts.

The communication campaign designed by the Patronat de Turisme to promote Girona’s ski resorts lasts for three months (from January to March) and is mainly targeted at a young, urban (mostly from the Greater Barcelona area) well educated and socially active public with economic resources.

The strategy for promoting snow tourism and publicising winter activities in the five Pirineu de Girona ski resorts involves radio spots in the programmes Fricandó Matiner and Fórmula 105 of Rac1 and Rac105, respectively, press ads in La Vanguardia and Mundo Deportivo, among other publications, television promotions on 8TV and 105 TV, and Internet advertising.

The radio campaign incorporates a new feature in the form of three live broadcasts from ski resorts within the Fricandó Matiner programme hosted by Vador Lladó and his team: Vallter 2000 on 20th January, Masella on 12th February and La Molina on 19th March, coinciding with the Snowboard World Cup trials. The live ski resort programmes, broadcast from 6 am to 10 am, feature guests from the general public who have won invitations to ski in a Pirineu de Girona resort through the radio station’s promotions. More than 100 free ski passes will be handed out to those attending the live programme. The promotion also includes a skiing trip to the Vall de Núria ski resort for Fricandó Matiner listeners who enter a prize draw through the radio station and its website.

The Patronat de Turisme and the SkiGirona association have set the common goals of presenting the tourist attractions of the Pirineu de Girona to the Catalan public and increasing the promotion of inland tourism and that of Girona’s ski resorts in issuing markets. They also aim to increase demand and make it less seasonal, positioning the Pirineu de Girona brand as a standout destination within the Pyrenees area as a whole.

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