News From Newsletter January 2013

Girona10 Blogtrip

8 leading Catalan and Spanish bloggers and Instagramers take part in a two-day blogtrip focusing on the city of Girona.

On the weekend of 26th and 27th January, a group of five Instagramers and three bloggers specialising in travel and tourism from Catalonia and Spain took part in a programme of visits, activities and experiences in Girona with the goal of generating related content on social networks.

The participating bloggers run the, and blogs, while the invited Instagramers were @suecsuecsuec, @tessoriol_gf, @narj, @cariadma and @julioestrela, who between them have more than 18,000 followers on Instagram.

The blogtrip participants discovered different aspects of Girona through activities such as a lunch at the Aula Gastronòmica (Gastronomy Classroom) in Lleó market, a visit to the Rafael Masó museum, a climb up to the triforium of the church of Sant Felix and meals in participating restaurants of the Girona10 campaign, such as La Calèndula and La Fundició, among others.

The participants expressed a high degree of satisfaction in the campaign and contributed to raising the destination’s profile with photographs, posts on social networks and notes on their travel portals.

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