Notícia del Newsletter December 2016

G! Awards 2016

Girona tourism celebrates the 11th edition of its biggest event of the year

The G! Awards, which celebrates tourism in the province of Girona, coincided with the commemoration of the 40th anniversary of the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board this year. The event brought together upwards of 400 guests, including authorities, award winners and representatives from the Girona tourism sector, at an official ceremony celebrated at the Girona Conference Centre’s Auditorium on 15 December. The winners were:

“XI G! Josep Pujol i Aulí Lifetime Achievement Award” to Josep Suñé i Sabadí for his work as head of Las Dunas and L’Escala campsites.

“XI G! Xiquet Sabater Business Project Award” to the Institut de Promoció Econòmica de Palafrugell (IPEP) for its organisation of the Habanera Festival in Calella de Palafrugell.

“V G! Jordi Comas I Matamala Award” to Denis O’Brien, owner of PGA Catalunya Resort.

”II G! Juli Soler i Lobo Award” to Girona’s Institut Escola d’Hostaleria i Turisme.

“XI G! Province of Girona Communication Award, printed media category” to Salvador Garcia-Arbós and Roberto Ivan Cano for the Girona, y los sentidos despertaron (Girona, and the senses awoke)report published in Club+Renfe magazine.

“XI G! Province of Girona Communication Award, audiovisual media category” to Viktoriia Garmashova for the series of four episodes on the Russian “Tourism and Travel” TV programme on Samara TV.

“V G! Province of Girona Communication Award, digital media category” to Sofia Vasconcelos for her digital work “One Week in Costa Brava-A Guide for Families”, posted on the “From Madeira to Mars” blog.

“I G! Province of Girona Communication Award, digital audiovisual media category” to Paco Nadal for his Un vuelo muy especial sobre la Costa Brava (A special flight over the Costa Brava) video published on Paco Nadal’s YouTube channel.

“VII G! Yvette Barbaza Research Award” for the best research (and with a cash prize of €6,000) to the “Girona Terra Memorial (Girona Memorial Land)” project proposal by David González and Fernando Riera.

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