News From Newsletter december'12 - january'13

Funding for competitiveness

The Patronat de Turisme increases the amount of funding for competitiveness that it allocates to the eight county councils in the Girona area involved in tourism promotion

In financial year 2012 the Patronat de Turisme allocated 120,000 euros in funding for competitiveness to the eight county councils in the Girona area with the goal of fostering public-private cooperation in the development of tourism resources in the counties of Girona, which are wide-ranging and high quality.

This funding was used for the improvement of websites and the application of new technologies for the tourism sector; the publication of promotional material; participation in tourism fairs and advertising campaigns; the structuring and creation of tourism products; and the implementation of the Itinerannia multi-county project, among others.

In financial year 2013 the funding allocated by the Patronat de Turisme to the eight county councils (or to the county tourism promotion bodies that depend on them) will rise to 144,000 euros, an increase of 20%. 

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