News From Newsletter September 2010

Fresh boost for cruise ship tourism

Roses Port joins the initiative for promoting tourism in Costa Brava ports that receive cruise ship traffic by signing an institutional agreement and approving a programme of actions for 2010.

On 16th September, Roses Town Council, the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, the Port Authority of the Catalan Government, the Girona Chamber of Commerce and the Palamós Chamber of Commerce signed an institutional collaboration agreement to incorporate Roses Port in the initiative for the tourism promotion of Costa Brava ports that receive cruise ship traffic. The agreement aims to promote Roses as a port of call and tourism destination of cruise ships that sail routes in the Mediterranean.

This new collaboration agreement follows the previous agreement signed between Palamós Town Council and the aforementioned institutions with the goal of promoting cruise ship activity in Palamós Port, along with the related tourism activity in the town and its area of influence. The two agreements channel institutional efforts to promote Roses Port and Palamós Port as tourism representatives of the Costa Brava in the international cruise ship market.

Scheduled actions

Thanks to the collaboration agreement signed by the President of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, Enric Vilert, the President of the Port Authority of the Catalan Government, Manel Nadal, the Mayor of Roses, Magda Casamitjana, the President of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, Domènec Espadalé, and the President of the Palamós Chamber of Commerce, Xavier Ribera, a series of joint actions will be carried out within the framework of an Action Plan. The objective of the Plan is to promote cruise ship passenger traffic and foster the development of the tourism offer related to the cruise ship environment in the town of Roses and on the Costa Brava as a whole.

One of the first initiatives of the agreement will be the participation of Roses Port in the Seatrade fair, the most important showcase of the cruise ship industry, held in Miami in 2011. Conferences, congresses and national/international forums of the sector will also be attended and trips will be organised for several cruise ship companies to familiarise them with the tourism packages on offer in Roses and on the Costa Brava.

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