News From Newsletter March 2011

Financial assistance for quality, competitiveness and local cuisine

The board of directors of the Patronat de Turisme approved a financial assistance package for public and private tourism associations and bodies from the Girona area to improve and boost the local tourism sector.

The Patronat de Turisme has approved two economic collaboration agreements for the funding and implementation of the tourism quality plans of Costa Brava Centre – Girona and Costa Brava South – La Selva for 2011. The purpose of the agreements is to foster the implementation of quality and environmental management systems in the tourism sector, to advise tourism companies on the application and development of quality systems and to cooperate with regional, provincial and local public authorities in all actions geared towards promoting and implementing quality in tourism services.

The Patronat de Turisme also approved the funding of a communication and publicity programme for the cuisine of the counties of Girona. This gastronomic promotion and information programme is aimed at local councils, county councils, cuisine collectives, associations and public or private bodies from the counties of Girona.

Meanwhile, the quantity and diversity of tourism resources in the counties of Girona and the large number of agents involved in their management make it advisable to foster cooperation between the public and private sectors in developing these resources. In light of this situation, the Patronat de Turisme, one of whose core goals is to develop and promote tourism in the area, provides support on a county level for initiatives aimed at improving the competitiveness of the tourism sector, while seeking the involvement of companies from the sector. This collaboration consists of financial assistance to carry out actions geared towards improving competitiveness.

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