News From Newsletter December 2015

«El Patrimoni Cromàtic de la Costa Brava» Study

32 shades and tones form the Costa Brava’s unique colour palette.


The El Paisatge Cromàtic de la Costa Brava [Costa Brava Colour Palette] study was the fruit of a 2013 Yvette Barbaza tourism research grant launched by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and Girona Regional Council.

The study identified and analysed the colours found in 11,104 photographs taken of the Costa Brava and its architectural, gastronomical, cultural and natural heritage and published on social network Instagram.

The project contributed to the creation of the image represented and projected of the Costa Brava, producing a guide aimed at designers and professionals in the communication sector.

Carried out by researchers Núria Puig and Íngrid Baraut, the study began on 23 September 2013 and ran until 23 September 2014, taking in some 11,104 photographs, with almost 6,000 classified into various themes, and 692 taken as a representative sample for the study. Upon analysis, the study then determined a colour or Pantone palette (after the International system) of 32 definitive colours for the Costa Brava.

The study has its own web platform, and a colour guide for the Costa Brava aimed at designers and professionals in the communication sector has also been published.

Click here to download the «El Paisatge Cromàtic de la Costa Brava» study.

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