Notícia del Newsletter August 2014

“Dalí, breaking news” exhibition

Seventy-five images highlighting Dalí’s relationship with the media

The “Dalí, breaking news” photographic exhibition is being held from 25 July to 6 September at the Casa Empordà in Figueres. The event has been organised by Girona Provincial Council, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board and the EFE Agency to mark three anniversaries: the 25 years since the death of Salvador Dalí, 40 years since the opening of the Dalí Museum in Figueres and the 75th anniversary of the EFE Agency.

“Dalí, breaking news” comprises 40 images in different formats and an additional collection of 35 photographs from the EFE Agency’s archives that can be viewed on a touch-sensitive screen. The exhibition also includes an interview with the artist on Spanish TV’s “A Fondo” programme which was broadcast on 27 November 1977. The exhibition focuses on Dalí’s relationship with the media as an artist whose life and works could feature in any section of a newspaper. The photographs of the artist chosen for the exhibition are structured along the lines of a newspaper and are grouped into 6 distinct sections: culture, politics, society, science, international, and the media.

The event forms part of Girona Provincial Council’s programme of travelling exhibitions and it will therefore be possible to see it in a number of exhibition spaces throughout the province.

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