Notícia del Newsletter June 2014

Culture and Identity Club

The Culture and Identity Club will bring to the fore the area's cultural activities and bind together the various subsectors.

On the 18 June, the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board introduced the Culture and Identity Club, born from the need of the tourism and culture sector to gain greater visibility abroad and to bring together the tourism sector’s efforts with the goal of becoming more competitive.

The Culture and Identity Club of the Girona counties will promote affiliations among the tourism and culture sector, thus coalescing museums, interpretation centres and groups of monuments; town councils, tourist offices and quangos; prominent cultural events and festivals; international music festivals; galleries and private art collections; accommodation providers; intermediary agencies; associations or collectives of artisans and trades of olden, and companies that deal with cultural products.

Having an initial budget of €80,000, the Club will have an action and communication plan through which it will drive and promote the Girona cultural offers in the Catalan, state and European markets

New catalogue of the Culture and Identity Club:

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