Notícia del Newsletter April 2011

Costa Brava Girona international Blog trip

16 top international bloggers will generate interesting content on Girona's destinations in the social media.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona is organising Catalonia’s first blog trip, scheduled to take place between 3rd and 10th May. This marketing and communication initiative involves 16 top international bloggers and is aimed at enabling millions of tourists, visitors and travellers to discover the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations through the social media.

For seven days, a group of distinguished and influential international bloggers from the tourism sector will be taken on a journey of discovery and experiences along the Costa Brava, through which they will generate interesting content in their respective social networks.

Top online influencers and opinion leaders in the tourism sector are taking part, such as blogger Andy Hayes from the USA, who runs the website and is currently ranked number 3 in the top 25 influencers in online travel and PR. Other participants include Marilyn Terrell, also from the USA and editor of the National Geographic Traveler magazine, with a presence in social networks, and the Austrian Lea Hajner, from the social travel guide Tripwolf, with an extensive presence in various countries.

The Costa Brava International Blog Trip can be followed on the @costabrava_ profile in Catalan and Spanish, and on the @visitcostabrava profile in English, as well as by using the the #inCostaBrava hashtag.


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