News From Newsletter 22 - May 2.009

Centenary Trophy

The Patronat creates a Centenary trophy to be awarded in sporting or cultural events to highlight the exceptional values of a participant.

The Centenary now boasts a trophy that has been designed and produced exclusively to be awarded in certain sporting and cultural events in order to highlight exceptional values. It is not necessarily a trophy for the winner of a competition but rather for somebody who represents a unique and special value.

The first of these trophies was awarded at the Costa Brava Extrem Running race to the youngest participant who took part in this race, highlighting the huge personal effort involved in running a race of this nature.

The Patronat de Turisme has counted on the collaboration of Artesania Catalunya and Gerard Moliné of the Moliné Studio, who has designed and produced the trophy.

Gerard Moliné explains what he has attempted to transmit: “this piece is inspired by a land of contrasts. Modern technology versus traditional craftsmanship. The steel tube forms the main part of the trophy. Its apparent coldness represents the Costa Brava’s pioneering work in many sectors, in contrast to the warmth of the crafted work. The seafaring tradition, of knotting fishing nets by hand before going out to sea is what has inspired the fishnet edging in the lower section. These contrasts can also be appreciated in the upper section of the piece. Architecture and geography appear in the form of a skyline seen through Medes Isles, Cap de Creus, the Canigó Massif, the Montgrí Massif and Sant Pere de Rodes”.

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