News From Newsletter 1 - april 2.009

Centenary lamppost banners adorn the towns of the Costa Brava

The 22 towns of the Costa Brava bring the Centenary closer to visitors. More than 3007 lamppost banners display the Centenary logo with historical and modern images of various Costa Brava locations.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona has launched an advertising and awareness campaign for the Centenary of the Costa Brava by placing 3007 lamppost banners on more than 1500 lampposts in Girona’s 22 coastal towns.

The lamppost banner design contains graphic and photographic elements. The specific Centenary logo is placed on one side while the other side displays a photographic composition that combines a historical and modern image of a representative and emblematic Costa Brava location. All the town councils who so wish have the option of customising their banners with picturesque photographs of their own town. In this respect, the Image Centre of the Provincial Council of Girona (INSPAI) has made its archives available to towns in order for them to select historical images for the design of each banner.

The Centenary advertising campaign is funded jointly by the town councils involved and the Patronat de Turisme. The Patronat de Turisme bears the design and production costs of the generic banners, along with their placement and maintenance, while the town councils pay the production costs of the customised banners.

Enric Vilert, President of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, stated his satisfaction that all of Girona’s coastal towns had signed up for a campaign that promotes feelings of belonging, identity and pride in the Costa Brava amongst the population.

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