Notícia del Newsletter August 2012

Brand communication

Six coaches travel around Spain and Europe as part of the new "LIVE LOVE Costa Brava" and "LIVE LOVE Pirineu de Girona" advertising campaign

An outdoor advertising campaign for the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations has got under way this summer involving six charter coaches belonging to the transport company Sarfa (Moventis group), which have been travelling through Spain and Europe, displaying the slogan "LIVE LOVE Costa Brava" and "LIVE LOVE Pirineu de Girona".

The advertising displayed on the six coaches focuses on three main aspects: landscape, gastronomy and culture. The elements are combined and displayed on the sides and rear of the vehicles. As regards landscape, depending on whether the Costa Brava or Pirineu de Girona is being promoted, the vehicle displays an image of the Cap Norfeu natural reserve, in Alt Empordà, or of Vall de Núria, in Ripollès. The gastronomy of the Girona area is advertised through an image of the Roca brothers, while the one chosen to symbolise the destination’s culture is that of a little girl with a Dalí-style moustache posing inside the Dalí Theatre – Museum in Figueres. All the coaches display the address of the destination’s official tourism portal, along with the National Geographic Traveler logo.

Two years ago, Sarfa used three coaches for an advertising campaign that covered 630,000 kilometres, taking in more than 60 Spanish and European cities. The previous advertising campaign travelled through Huesca, Zaragoza, Alicante, Valencia, Madrid, San Sebastian, Majorca, Cáceres, Badajoz, Mérida or Málaga, Seville, Jerez de la Frontera, Córdoba and Cadiz. In Europe the coaches travelled through Paris, Marseilles, Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Salzburg, Budapest, Geneva, Grenoble and Venice, among other cities. This year, results are expected to be similar or slightly better.

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