Notícia del Newsletter February 2014

Blogtrip #InPyrenees

This blogtrip generated over 15 million shares on social networks.

The first blogtrip by international bloggers to the Pirineu de Girona destination, #InPyrenees, took place between 3 and 7 February. The aim was to give the followers of blogs, portals and social networks information on the activities available at the four alpine ski stations in the Girona region, the tourism establishments they can stay at and visit, and the local cuisine. As well as taking part in snow-related activities such as night skiing, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, the bloggers visited towns including Puigcerdà, Llívia, Camprodon and Olot. Their activities generated 15,823,196 shares on social networks in just one week.

Participants included Doris Casares, a blogger and journalist who writes for digital media such as 3viajesand founder of Spain’s most influential community of travel bloggers, Travel Inspirers; British bloggers Iain Mallory, author of the Mallory on travel blog and Andy Higgs of Grown-up travel; video blogger Diego Pons of Viajando con Diego, and Mariana Calleja, writer for the Traveldudes and TravelThirst blogs. Between them these bloggers have over 245,667 followers on social networks.

The blogtrip Snow Family Adventure #InPyrennees took place between 18 and 25 February, with the visit of a British blogger and his family to the Pirineu de Girona destination to discover the attractions for families offered by the Cerdanya and El Ripollès ski resorts.

The involvement and enthusiasm of the area’s tourism bodies and companies, and of the local ambassadors, ensured the success of these trips.

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