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Blogtrip #InCostaBrava

26 million social network impressions on the Costa Brava in 15 days. 

16 international bloggers generated 4,254 tweets and interacted directly or indirectly with 1,651,517 people through 26,578,716 impressions in 15 days of activity in social networks.

From 14th to 18th May, the first theme-based blogtrip related to nature and culture took place in the Girona area, during which a small group of noteworthy and influential international travel bloggers generated content of interest in the social networks in which they operate. In just five days of activity they produced 1,990 tweets that reached 551,517 people, through 12,730,116 impressions in total. Leading online tourism influencers and opinion leaders took part in the trip, such as Janice Waugh from Canada, manager of the Solo Traveler website, and Melvin Boecher from Germany, who boasts more than 76,000 followers on Twitter (@Traveldudes) and manages the Traveldudes website. Also present was Keith Jenkins from Holland, who publishes content on his Velvet Escape luxury travel blog and who has more than 12,000 followers on Twitter.

Later on, from 28th May to 1st June, the year’s second theme-based blogtrip took place, this one aimed at showcasing Girona’s excellent local cuisine and food and wine products to a group of ten influential and specialised bloggers. The influencers and opinion leaders taking part included the UK’s Ryan King, who writes on FineDiningLovers, a gastronomy portal, and the USA’s Rachelle Lucas, who boasts 40,000 Twitter followers and runs the food and travel website TheTravelBite. Also present was digital nomad Michael Hodson, who writes the GoSeeWrite blog.

The chefs Ferran Adrià and Joan Roca participated actively in this journey of experiences and discovery, while Toni Sáez, chef at the El Far de Sant Sebastià restaurant, gave a presentation on the Catalan vermut (lunch appetizer), while the chef Jordi Castelló held two workshops, one on tomato-rubbed bread and one on aioli. Several DO Empordà wine and cava cellars organised tastings, while food and wine activities were held in original local venues. The second blogtrip ended with a blogference in which various agents from the sector were invited to come and find out about social networks and their use in tourism promotion and marketing. Some 60 business people and professionals from the sector attended the event.

In this second promotional initiative, 2,264 tweets were registered, reaching 1,100,000 people through 13,848,600 impressions in total.

For both initiatives the Patronat de Turisme worked alongside Turespaña and the Catalan Tourism Agency, along with the county councils and town councils of the Girona area and, in particular, all the companies involved in the respective programmes. 

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