Bitts Costa Brava

The official blog of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona, BITTS Costa Brava, is gathering steam and has recorded 12,025 visits in less than 3 months of its launch.

MARCH 2014

By the end of November, 24 posts had been published by a team of collaborators from a wide range of sectors and with different profiles who are specialised in tourism, marketing, communication, journalism, public relations, territorial planning, networks and social communication, music and performing arts, oenology and golf. The bloggers are: Anna Vicens, Dani Chicano, Eduard Batlle, Eduard Costa, Jaume Marín, Jordi Casassayas, Josep Guardiola, Maribel Vela, Mercè Vilà-Clara, Montse Ferrer, Ricard Camó, Francesc Grau, Nadeia Balsalobre, Narcís Sastre, Pedres de Girona and José Antonio Donaire.

By the end of November the 24 posts published on Bitts Costa Brava had generated some eighty comments and more than 90 tweets.

The posts focus on current affairs and trends in areas including gastronomy, culture, oenology, sport, events and nature, among others. This tourism blog serves as an interactive channel of information, opinion and debate for end users, providing them with more in-depth knowledge of the area. As such, there are currently six posts on culture, five on current affairs and 2.0 trends, four on gastronomy and two on nature/tourism, oenology, sports and events.