Notícia del Newsletter April 2010

Agreements and assistance for Girona’s gastronomy

The Patronat de Turisme signs collaboration agreements worth 33,000 Euros with the gastronomy schools of Empordà, Ripollès and Girona for the dissemination and promotion of Girona's gastronomy.

The Patronat de Turisme signs collaboration agreements worth 33,000 Euros with the Empordà Gastronomy School, the Ripollès Catering School and the Girona Gastronomy School for the dissemination and promotion of Girona’s gastronomy.

The agreements aim to structure, bring together and publicise the gastronomic offer of the counties of Girona, as a key aspect of the area’s heritage and cultural wealth, constituting an important element of the range of tourism products offered by the destination in tourist issuing markets.

These collaboration agreements enable a series of actions to be carried out, such as gastronomy-related presentations and events or training sessions and cooking demonstrations for travel agents and journalists, for which purpose the Patronat will be entitled to use the facilities and equipment of the Schools. The gastronomic schools will also serve as consultants on gastronomic matters and the relationship with local produce. The Patronat will be able to count on the involvement of professional teams from the schools in gastronomic events, such as gastronomic tastings and other initiatives that take place in tourist issuing markets as part of the promotional actions of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona brands.

Meanwhile, in line with the assistance being provided by the Patronat for the promotion of gastronomy in the counties of Girona, help has been provided in creating the new Sils Cuisine website. On 30th March the portal was presented at Hotel Fornells Park. The event was presided over by Dolors Batallé, Director of the Patronat de Turisme and was attended by some twenty people. It ended with a tasting of dishes prepared by a delegation of the “Cooking Ladies of Sils”.

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