News From Newsletter June 2016

Accessible tourism

The micro-stories about inclusive tourism experiences showcase the Costa Brava and Girona Pyrenees as an accessible destination

Tourists with disabilities present their real experiences in Girona through a series of videos filmed by mobile phones as part of the Girona Film Festival’s unprecedented “Costa Brava Inclusive Mobile Film” competition.

These three-minute-or-less videos must be filmed by someone with a disability or by someone who films others with disabilities. The genre is up to the filmmaker (fiction, documentary, news, etc.) and the deadline is 21 August. The submitted videos can compete in three categories: the inclusive tourism experience in the Costa Brava for a €500 prize, the inclusive tourism experience in the Girona Pyrenees for a €500 prize, and an honourable mention for micro-stories filmed by minors 16 and younger.

This initiative is promoted by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board with the support of Elsa Integració and has been included in the Girona Film Festival as a way to showcase and share the region’s accessible tourism experiences on social media.

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