Notícia del Newsletter October 2011

A boost for wine tourism

The Patronat de Turisme and Girona Provincial Council boost the development of wine tourism in the area by becoming involved in the Wine Routes of Spain project, an initiative of the ACEVIN (Spanish Association of Wine Cities)

Wine Routes of Spain is a project through which the Spanish Association of Wine Cities (ACEVIN), supported by the Spanish Secretary General for Tourism, promotes wine tourism activity in viticultural areas of Spain, contributing to their socio-economic development.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona is committed to gastronomy as a wealth creation engine in the area and as a first-rate tourism attraction. The Patronat recognises the Costa Brava’s potential in terms of wine and gastronomy and collaborates with the DO Empordà Regulatory Council in structuring a solid and specific high quality tourism offer for a market segment interested in wine, agro-food and environmental matters. As such, the inclusion in the Wine Routes of Spain project will contribute to enabling this wine and cava-producing area, with its own distinct identity and DO seal, to develop the structuring of its wine tourism product and to obtain the Wine Routes seal awarded by the ACEVIN once it has been audited and meets the stipulated regulatory requirements: sustainability of the activity, quality control systems, infrastructures, environmental measures, specific offer (wineries, restaurants, accommodation, activities, products, theme-based leisure, businesses, inbound agencies, etc.), among others.

Girona Provincial Council has officially joined the Wine Routes of Spain scheme, in which local councils and autonomous communities participate, while the Patronat de Turisme is leading and managing the project. Obtaining the Wine Routes certification will boost the area in terms of publicity, promotion and marketing since the destination will benefit from the association’s annual Action Plan.

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