Notícia del Newsletter 30 September 2009

48,870 people at the Musical Nights of the Centenary

The series of eleven concerts included in “The Musical Nights of the Centenary”, held on summer evenings on the Costa Brava, have registered 48,870 attendees.

The Musical Nights of the Centenary have ended with highly satisfactory attendance figures for the eleven concerts included in the schedule.

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona and the music festivals of the Costa Brava promoted the Centenary and the musical, artistic and cultural side of the Costa Brava in June, July and August 2009 through the “Musical nights of the Centenary”. This series of concerts has contributed to raising awareness of a top quality cultural product that is firmly establishing itself year after year on the Costa Brava while highlighting the ability of the towns and people of the destination to adapt to the tastes of a culturally restless audience that encompasses more than one generation.

The Costa Brava has held a huge variety of music festivals featuring all kinds of music: classical, pop and rock, havaneres (colonial sea shanties) and sardana music. These festivals also foster the cultural fabric and economic activity of the towns that host them and establish networks that ensure the survival of creativity.

A particularly important event was the special Centenary concert that took place on 17th July as part of the Porta Ferrada International Festival in Sant Feliu de Guíxols, entitled Visions of the Mediterranean. Costa Brava Centenary.

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