2021/2022 ski season

Excellent outlook for the winter tourist season in the Girona Pyrenees.


Girona’s five ski resorts, which have been open since the last weekend of November, offer skiers more than 200 kilometres of slopes and first-class facilities, with 356 marked pistes of various levels. There are also snowshoe circuits, night skiing and Nordic skiing routes. These are family resorts which work to connect skiing with sport and leisure. Currently, the facilities are applying rules and measures to ensure the safety of both visitors and employees.

The resorts of La Molina, Vall de Núria and Vallter, managed by Catalan Railways’ Tourism and Mountain Division, are focusing on safety while skiing and the digitalisation of their services.

This season, Masella ski resort is working along two lines: guaranteeing snow throughout the entire season and the digital transformation of its facilities, with digital ski passes, ecommerce and a new website.

At La Molina ski passes can now be purchased online and snow production has been improved, in addition to other upgrades to the competition stadiums to ensure that visitors enjoy their experience in the snow even more. At the same time, Masella and La Molina together coordinate the Alp 2500 skiable domain, which is fully operational.

The Vall de Núria mountain and ski resort is open 365 days of the year, tempting visitors with ‘an enchantment at 2,000 metres altitude’, where environmental issues are taken very seriously. This year visitors can enjoy an exhibition on the 90 years of the rack railway and follow the improvements towards the digitalisation of the resort’s services, as they did in the summer.

Changes at the Pyrenees’ easternmost resort, Vallter, include the introduction of online sales of ski passes, improvements to the resort entrance and parking areas, a new digital application that allows users to access information about the slopes and news, and a new sales point at the heart of the resort.

Finally, at the Nordic ski resort of Guils Fontanera improvements have been made to the municipal resort building, with a new information area and streamlined client access to the facility.

All the latest news regarding the Girona Pyrenees’ ski resorts was revealed on 1 December during a presentation held in the town of Alp (Cerdanya) for professionals from the tourist sector in the counties of Cerdanya and Ripollès and for national media.

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