Notícia del Newsletter May 2014

Vívid Wine Festival

The first Vívid Wine Festival was a success in terms of both participation and visitor numbers

Vívid Wine Festival

The attendance numbers at the first Vívid Wine Festival were very good, with 3,040 visitors taking part in the fifty-five activities and promotions on offer during the month of April in the Alt Empordà and Baix Empordà regions to promote wine tourism in the Costa Brava.

The event, promoted by Girona Provincial Council’s Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board with the support and participation of the Empordà Designated Origin Regulatory Council, wineries in the Empordà Designated Origin area, local councils and local tourism businesses, was judged to be a great success by the entrepreneurs and entities organising the activities and the members of the Empordà Designated Origin Wine Route Club.

For the second edition of the Vívid wine festival, which will take place in April 2015, there are plans to increase the number of activities and options available, incorporate new products and improve services, and reinforce the publicity campaign for the festival in order to attract new visitors and develop loyalty.


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