Notícia del Newsletter February 2014

Tourism fairs

Our destination is promoted at seven national and international fairs

Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona promoted its attractions for tourists at seven national and international fairs.

Three of the events focused on water sports and promoted tourism destinations among professionals and the public.

1. Duikvaker Utrech water sports and diving fair, Holland, 1-2 February.

2. Salon de Vacances tourism fairBrussels, Belgium, 6-10 February.

3. IMTM tourism fair Tel Aviv, Israel, 11-12 February.

4. STM Mountain Sports and Tourism Exhibition, Lleida, 14-16 February.

5. London Dive
 water sports and diving fair, United Kingdom, 15-16 February.

6. Boot water sports and boating fair, Düsseldorf, Germany, 19-27 February.

7. Excellence Life, Luxury and Exclusive Fair, Barcelona, 23-26 February.

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