Notícia del Newsletter January 2012

Tour Fricandó de neu 2012 campaign

The advertising campaign is aimed at promoting tourism in Girona's ski resorts and inland areas in February and March, specifically targeting the Catalan market through radio stations and TV channels –RAC105, 105TV and 8TV.

The Patronat de Turisme and Girona’s five ski resorts – La Molina, Masella, Vall de Núria, Vallter2000 and Guils Fontanera- are once again carrying out a joint advertising campaign targeted at the Catalan market to promote tourism in Girona’s ski resorts and inland areas in February and March. Building on last season’s successful radio and television ski resort advertising campaign, this year’s campaign is bigger and better, with greater media presence, aimed at positioning the Pirineu de Girona brand as a standout destination within the Pyrenees.

The communication campaign devised by the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona to promote Girona’s ski resorts is mainly targeted at young, urban –mostly from the Greater Barcelona area–, well educated and socially active visitors with economic resources.

The campaign includes radio spots in the morning show Fricandó matiner on RAC105, broadcast on weekday mornings from 6 to 10 and hosted by Vador Lladó. Meanwhile, snow tourism and winter activities in the ski resorts of the Pirineu de Girona are also being promoted through press ads published in La Vanguardia, Mundo Deportivo and Diari de Girona, through promotions and television ads on 8TV and RAC105TV, and through online advertising –in the form of banner ads on each broadcaster’s website, on Youtube and Facebook, and on the Twitter social network through #fricandodeneu.

The advertising campaign also includes the production of four morning shows broadcast live from the Girona ski resorts themselves with the participation of members of the public:

  • 3rd February, from the Vallter2000 ski resort
  • 17th February, from the Masella ski resort
  • 2nd March, from the La Molina ski resort
  • 16th March, from the Vall de Núria ski and mountain resort

The Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona and Girona’s five ski resorts have jointly devised this campaign with the shared goals of presenting the overall tourism offer of the Pirineu de Girona to Catalan visitors, so as to increase the promotion of ski resort and inland tourism in the Catalan market, while attempting to increase demand and make it less seasonal.

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