Notícia del Newsletter October 2012

The TBEX EU Costa Brava in review

The TBEX conference and the #InCostaBrava and #InPyrenees blogtrips generate 149 million impressions and reach 63 countries in the space of two months.

The first world travel blogger conference to be held in Spain, the TBEX Europe Costa Brava 2012, brought more than 350 bloggers of 21 different nationalities to the Girona area. During their stay the bloggers posted and uploaded comments, photographs, videos and blogs on the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destination in the social networks in which they operate.

On 2nd October, following the completion of the TBEX Europe Costa Brava 2012 conference and the programme of post-conference activities for bloggers, the Patronat de Turisme presented its review and final data report on this 2.0 promotional and communication initiative. The report was drawn up by the Alter Ego company and gathers quantitative and qualitative data produced from the monitoring of social networks, obtained through tools such as Topsy, Hashtracking and TweetReach.

The analysis of the impact on social networks of the TBEX conference and of the subsequent #InCostaBrava and #InPyrenees blogtrips, for the period stretching from 16th August to 30th September, showed that 147,280,979 impressions had been generated in 63 countries in total.

The impressions came from 13,849 contributors who had generated 26,967 tweets. In total, the impacts on social networks had reached 28,563,676 people.

Moreover, in the same period under analysis, 11,753 photographs were shared in the Instagram network.

As regards qualitative data, the report highlights that 99% of the published material is positive, useful for indexing in search engines and influential in terms of users searching for information on the destination. Furthermore, the volume of information (texts, photographs, videos) published on the various towns in the Girona area that compose the Costa Brava destination, generated over the ten days that the TBEX conference and the two subsequent blogtrips took place, is equivalent to the volume of information that would be published over the course of two entire tourism promotion seasons of the Patronat itself.

The final result of the monitoring of social networks in respect of the TBEX 2.0 promotional and communication initiative will not be obtained until the end of the year, when most of the posts and other information and elements such as photographs and videos have been published.

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