News From Newsletter May 2018

The ski season in the Girona Pyrenees

Girona’s ski resorts finish the season with almost a million skiers.

Girona’s five ski resorts describe 2017-2018 as a historic, record season, closing as it did with a total of 972,071 skiers. In particular, with regard to the previous season, the resorts of Masella and La Molina experienced an increase in skier numbers of 18% and 14% respectively.

The heavy snowfalls this winter, which enabled the season to go on for nearly six months, diversification of services, adaptation of prices to cater for social demand and constant investment in facilities all contributed to the exceptional final result.

Moreover, this year, the resorts of La Molina, Masella and Guils Fontanera commemorated their 75th, 50th and 25th anniversaries respectively, by offering skiers varied programmes of sports and leisure activities and events, which also played an important part in attracting more visitors.

In terms of the final number of visitors for the 2017-2018 season, it was distributed among the resorts as follows: Masella, 500,000 skiers (including 28,000 night-time skiers); La Molina, 376,139; Vall de Núria, 28,389; Vallter 2000, 42,161 and Guils Fontanera, 15,382.

When the ski season ends, the resorts of La Molina, Vall de Núria and Vallter 2000 become mountain holiday resorts and adapt their facilities and services to the spring-summer season.

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