Notícia del Newsletter April 2015

The Costa Brava is showcased in the United States

The city of San Francisco hosted a presentation of the Costa Brava destination and a thematic pictorial exhibition

Presentació Costa Brava USA

On 2nd April the Costa Brava was showcased at a promotional event in the city of San Francisco (United States), where the destination was presented to fifty travel agency professionals, journalists and bloggers. The region was also featured in a pictorial exhibition by Salt-born artist Joan Mateu, hosted by San Francisco’s Hespe Gallery during the month of April.

The exhibition of the “Costa Brava” pictorial series by Juan Mateu, based on fourteen works on display from 2 to 30 April in San Francisco’s Hespe Gallery, was inspired by Girona’s scenery and serves as a unique way to showcase the region.

This promotional event was carried out as part of the action plan established by the Costa Brava Girona Tourist Board’s Culture and Identity Club, which was launched in early 2015.

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