Notícia del Newsletter September 2012

The Costa Brava in Google

The Costa Brava, most searched on Google, above Barcelona, Ponferrada or La Manga  

 The Costa Brava has been the most popular search term in Spain this summer on Google Maps, according to Google.

Google has compiled its rankings on the basis of searches made between May and September, without providing specific data on the number of searches for each place.

The triumph of the beaches in the Girona area has been unquestionable; the Costa Brava has been ranked above other leading tourism destinations such as the Algarve, Ponferrada, Moncloa and La Manga.

The other Catalan destination that is ranked as one of the ten most searched places is Plaça de Catalunya in Barcelona, which came eighth.

Google has also studied the type of places that have experienced the greatest growth in terms of its customers’ searches. In this respect, in Spain beaches were the most searched element, followed by apartments, swimming pools, campsites and apartment-hotels. French users, on the other hand, were interested first and foremost in campsites, while the Italians’ main interest was in restaurants and bicycles were the highest ranked search option for the Dutch. In England, indoor activities, pubs and gymnasiums came top of the list.

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