Notícia del Newsletter September 2012

TBEX EU Costa Brava

More than 350 international travel bloggers participate in the "TBEX" 2.0 promotional and communication event

More than 350 travel bloggers, writers and creators of new travel content in social media, from 21 countries, participated in the TBEX Europe Costa Brava 2012 conference, which took place on 21st and 22nd September in the city of Girona (Girona Auditorium and Conference Centre) and on the Costa Brava.

The TBEX (Travel Blog Exchange) conference is the most popular annual gathering held for bloggers, writers and creators of new content on travel and lifestyle themes in social media.

The conference featured talks by experts in the field, including Amy Porterfield  CC Chapman  Peter Shankman and Chris Gillebeau  .

50% of the conference delegates were European, 30% were from the USA and the remaining 20% visited from other parts of the world.

Coinciding with the TBEX Europe Costa Brava 2012 global event, held for the first time in Spain, the Patronat de Turisme scheduled a series of activities for participating bloggers with the goal of enabling them to discover and publicise the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations.

Day trips  were organised on the day before and after the conference for 120 participants, along with guided tours of Girona the day before and five theme-based blogtrips  in the area for 63 participants, aimed at offering them new experiences with which to generate content in the social media in which they operate.

For the scheduling of the day trips and the blogtrip, the Patronat de Turisme enjoyed the collaboration and direct involvement of the eight county councils of the province of Girona, local councils and the private tourism sector as a whole, which provided participants with accommodation, meals and free activities.

The President of Girona Provincial Council and of the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona, Jaume Torramadé, declared that, "the TBEX has been a key event and one of the most important promotional initiatives to be implemented by the Patronat this year, contributing to raising the destination’s profile hugely and surpassing all initial objectives and expectations."

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