Notícia del Newsletter April 2011

SITC 2011

12 organisations and companies from the Girona area took part in the SITC (International Tourism Fair of Catalonia) with the twin strategy of targeting professional channels and presenting the destination to the general public.

From 7th to 10th April, the Patronat de Turisme Costa Brava Girona participated in the SITC with a 105 m2 stand that it shared with 12 organisations and companies from the Girona area, namely the Blanes Municipal Tourism Board, the Lloret Turisme organisation, the Tourism Office of L’Escala-Empúries, the Vall d’Aro and Interpals campsites, the County Council of El Gironès, the Turisme Garrotxa organisation, the County Council of El Pla de l’Estany-Banyoles, the Vall de Núria ski and mountain resort, the Rural Tourism Association of Girona, the Tourism Board of La Cerdanya and the Nautical Tourism Club of the Costa Brava.

The fair offered a great opportunity to target professional channels directly and to present the overall tourism offer of the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona destinations to the general public.

The programme of presentations at the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona stand included presentations of the new visitor centre of El Gironès, the Network of Indiano Towns in Catalonia project, the certification of L’Escala as a Safe Tourism Destination, the excursions and day trips marketed through the website, the activities programme of the Association of Hotels and Campsites of La Cerdanya, and the indoor football tournament of La Cerdanya.

At the Costa Brava and Pirineu de Girona stand, representatives of the University of Girona encouraged businesspeople and organisations to lend their support to a strategic project entitled Campus of International Excellence (known by its Catalan initials, CEI), with the aim of transferring knowledge acquired by the university in its tourism research work to organisations in the tourism sector.

The Patronat de Turisme also attended a talk entitled "The online presence of tourism organisations: key factors", in which Enric López, director of the Master in e-tourism of the EUHT CETT-UB, featured the Web 2.0 tools of the Costa Brava in a practical case study. López pointed to the website as an example of a tourism portal designed to meet tourists’ needs through the implementation of social networks and the wikiloc channel, among others.

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