News From Newsletter March 2010

Raising the profile of the Centenary and promotion of the Costa Brava in Paris

28 French journalists and 18 tour operators will take part in activities scheduled in Paris to celebrate the Centenary of the Costa Brava.

On 25th March the Costa Brava visited the French capital with a schedule of activities that included a presentation for journalists and a workshop for tour operators. The aim was to present the list of events to be held this year on the occasion of the Centenary of the Costa Brava and to invite French journalists to visit the destination to discover its scenic, cultural and festive attractions.

The Costa Brava brought one of its main “ambassadors” to France: gastronomy. Three Michelin-starred chefs travelled to Paris to prepare a gastronomic tasting menu based on nine dishes from the Costa Brava Menu, thus showcasing the gastronomic wealth of the destination. As part of this meeting with 28 journalists, a presentation will also be made of the Costa Brava San Miguel Gastronomic Tour, which will take quality gastronomy on the road to twelve Costa Brava towns, coinciding with the celebration of important festivals and traditions.

Another presentation organised for French tour operators, along with a workshop met together 18 French agents and representatives of tourism companies and associations from the Girona area who travelled to Paris to promote the destination and its products.

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