Film Projection

The film, "Ocho Apellidos Catalanes" was shot on the Costa Brava and several locations in Girona.


ocho-apellidos-catalanes In the spring of 2015 the towns of Girona, Monells, FoixĂ  and Llagostera were chosen by Lazona Films as locations for filming scenes from the successful comedy Ocho Apellidos Catalanes, which premiered on 20 November in cinemas across Spain. The production was made possible by the support given by Catalunya Film Comission and the Costa Brava Girona Tourism Board. The Board advised the production company on locations and provided the contacts with hotels, catering services and other local companies and service providers. As occurred with the Basque locations in the film Ocho Apellidos Vascos, the locations in Girona will become well known across Spain, generating tourism for the Costa Brava.